Tutu Ballerina Wings Luxury Dress Up Butterfly Wings Imaginative Play


Beautiful beyond words, our Tiny Tutus Ballerina Wings are truly a luxury addition to any ballerina’s wardrobe.

Designed by Simone and created with love, our rainbow ballerina wings are the absolutely favourite item in our classes.

Divine rainbow colours delicately melt together over the wings with highlights of glitter creating beautiful patterns for the true fairy look. Sparkling like diamonds are more than 40 stunning diamantes adding that hint of magic.

Inspired from our Tiny Tutus Ballerina who is featured in a heart shape at the centre of the wings,  this is the essential item for every ballerina. Dreams seem real when you’re wearing your ballerina wings.

Made from the finest materials and fitted with soft wide elasticated straps, Tiny Tutus Ballerina Wings are a treasured keepsake your ballerina will want to wearing everywhere she twirls and flies.

Tiny Tutu Ballerina wings are also a beautiful compliment to our Rainbow Dreams Gown.


  • Beautiful rainbow colours
  • Delicate glitter patterning
  • Richly embellished with diamantes
  • Wide elastic straps ease of over shoulders
  • Inspired by the Tiny Tutus Ballerina Wing shape
  • Stunning 47cm length and 42cm width
  • Ideal for imaginative play and creative dance


  • Spot clean only
  • Wings can be reshaped by delicately push back to desired shape.
  • Use under adult supervision
  • Do not wash, bleach, dry clean, soak, iron
Shipping from $10 based on state & weight

• NSW: $10 up to 5 kgs, $40 for 5-10 kgs, $60 for 10-20 kgs

• ACT, QLD, VIC: $10 up to 5 kgs, $50 for 5-10 kgs, $80 for 10-20 kgs

• NT, SA, TAS, WA: $15 up to 5kgs, $80 for 5-10 kgs, $150 for 10-20 kgs

Note: Recital Upgrade Packages will be sent with ballerina Tutus