Ballerinas Dreaming Big & Achieving Their Goals

Our Tiny Tutus Recital is a lovely performance opportunity for beautiful little dancers who are just at the very beginning of their dancing ‘career’. It’s a lovely, stress-free chance to put on a beautiful costume tutu and dance on a magical stage in front of family and friends. In term 3, our ballerinas will begin to learn a dance. This dance will be a combination of steps taught in term 3 and previous terms. Learning a routine is a wonderful way for ballerinas to have a goal to strive towards.

On the day of the recital, your Tiny Tutus class teacher will be there on the side of stage (or on stage if required) to guide our ballerinas as necessary. Some classes may be able to perform more independently than others; some classes may need more on stage guidance than others… but it doesn’t matter!!! Each ballerina is also welcome to have a parent backstage with them!

First Steps

We want this to be a marvelous, exciting, beautiful introduction to performance. Please don’t feel concerned if your ballerina walks on stage, then continues just to stand and smile rather than dance. For some little people (even big people) even getting on stage in the first place is a massive achievement. Celebrate every little step -be it the right way or opposite way to everyone else!! It’s all about having fun! Each ballerina will perform in one recital which will run for about 40 minutes. It’s a magical experience!!!

Recital Parent Information Booklet

The Tiny Tutus Recital Parent Information Booklet provides you with all the information you need to know regarding recital. The orientation and recital experience, package upgrades, Daddy Daughter Dance, ticketing, parent helpers and etc.

The Fine Print

Your Tiny Tutus ballerina’s participation in our Recital is confirmed with your initial payment of the Recital Fee. There is no sewing or extra work required or surprise costs, and fittings take place during class.

Your Ballerina will also need to wear their little ballet shoes that they wear in class each week as well as a pair of Tiny Tutus ballet stockings.

Note: Our total recital cost is remarkably affordable with just the costume tutu alone at other studios costing in excess of $150 alone and this doesn’t include rehearsals or hire fees. At Tiny Tutus we strive to make dancing as affordable as possible so every family can join in.


When you register your ballerina, you understand 50% of the recital fee is non-refundable as this covers the cost of the costume tutu which has been ordered for your ballerina. If you do withdraw your ballerina’s recital registration you will still receive a gorgeous costume tutu.

A $20.00 administration fee is charged for the processing of all refunds.

For more information contact us on 1300 245 060 or send us an email by filling out our enquiry form.