Frequently Asked Questions

Can Parents watch classes?

At Tiny Tutus our classes are open, which means parents are welcome to watch! We don’t mean the last five minutes and we’re not talking watching through a viewing window. At Tiny Tutus parents are greeted with open arms! Ballerinas at such tender ages love having parents in class to watch, encourage and support and we love having parents too!

Tiny Tutus do have ‘Rules of Watching Etiquette’ that we do ask parents to abide by –

• Be quiet while the class is in progress. Even whispered conversations can be heard and are distracting for all dancers.
• Mobile phones are of course to be switched OFF.
• Parents are asked to sit at the back of the dance space and are asked not to participate in classes unless asked to by the teacher, with the exception of our Teeny Tiny classes.
• We love little brothers and sisters watching too! We do ask however, that they remain quietly seated and not participate in classes.
• Still photography of your own ballerina is welcome, however video, DVD or mobile phone recording is absolutely and strictly prohibited.  

Can I go for a trial class?

Yes we do offer trial classes. You can read the details and book here.

Does my ballerina need a class tutu to attend a trial class?

Your ballerina does not need a class tutu to attend your trial class. Dress your little ballerina in clothes they can move comfortably in and a pair of ballet flats. Please avoid wearing ‘jiffies’ as they are very slippery to dance in.

Can boys participate in Tiny Tutus classes?

Boys are more than welcome to come join in the Tiny Tutus classes, however we do like to let our parents know that our classes are designed for girls and are very “pink”!

Is there a registration fee?

Please see our Fees and Membership page for more details.

What are the Term Fees?

Fees for lessons are charged by the term and fees are payable at the time of enrolling your ballerina. Tiny Tutus terms closely reflect the school terms for your state. Please see our Fees and Registration page for more details.

What happens if I need a refund?

All refunds are subject to a $20 administration fee with the exceptions of refunds processed for lesson credits provided for classes cancelled by Tiny Tutus Pty Ltd and refunds processed for classes that have been terminated by Tiny Tutus Pty Ltd.

The registration fee is non-refundable with the only exception of classes that have been terminated by Tiny Tutus Pty Ltd. The terms of the refund of registration in these situations is set out in the ‘Termination of Classes’ section of our Tiny Tutus Terms and Conditions.

Is my ballerina automatically enrolled into the next term?

When your ballerina or prince becomes a Tiny Tutus Member, membership is ongoing until you notify us that you want to opt out or your child ages out of our program.

This means, your child’s position in the studio and recital is secured. This allows us to plan for hiring premises, ensuring teachers and resources are available, and providing the best possible experience for your child.

We know how disappointing it is when you miss out on re-enrolment deadline over the summer holidays, so our system will automatically roll your child over to term 1 of the following year if she/he is still the right age for our program.

What does my ballerina wear to class?

As part of your yearly membership you will receive our gorgeous signature Tiny Tutus pink class tutu, our gift to you. Each ballerina enrolled at Tiny Tutus is asked to wear our uniform to class. Our uniform is, Tiny Tutus Pink Class Tutu, Tiny Tutus Pink Head Band, Pink Ballet Stockings (or socks for the warmer months), Pink Ballet Slippers, Pink Tiny Tutus Ballet Wrap (for the colder months) and should have their hair pulled back either in a bun or back from the face with our head band All These items can be purchased from our online Boutique.

What does my ballerina wear if we have not yet received our class tutu?

To your very first Tiny Tutus ballet class, dress your little ballerina in clothes they can move comfortably in and a pair of ballet flats. Please avoid wearing ‘jiffies’ and socks as they are very slippery to dance in.

How do I know what the term dates are?

Tiny Tutus classes run very similarly with the school terms.

For a complete list of our school terms please visit our Term Dates page.

How do I know what class to put my ballerina in?

Tiny Tutus classes are designed to be based on the ballerinas age groups. Which means your ballerina is best to enrol into the class for her age group.

For a full list of the Class age groups please see our Classes page.

What happens if I cannot attend a class?

We understand that our little ballerinas become ill from time to time. If your daughter has to miss her class, she is welcome to attend attend a ‘make-up’ lesson (subject to availability) within a comparable class within the same term.* Missed lessons do not carry over into a new term unless the lesson missed is in the last week of term in which case a make-up lesson may be booked in the first week of the following term. Refunds or credits cannot be provided for classes missed due to personal circumstances of the ballerina.

In cases where Tiny Tutus does not have a class within 1 hour of the ballerina’s enrolled studio, a non-refundable credit will be applied to the ballerina’s account. This credit will expire at the end of the following term.

*A comparable class is defined as a class that caters for the same age group.

What happens is a class is cancelled by Tiny Tutus

Occasionally, due to unforeseen circumstances, Tiny Tutus may need to cancel a regularly scheduled class. Notice will be given as far in advance as possible, however lessons can be cancelled at short notice (for example, the morning of your lesson). Cancellation notifications are sent via email and SMS as this is the most efficient and effective way.* Individual phone calls will not be made due to class sizes and the timeframes in which cancellations are required to be made.

In the event of a cancellation, a make-up class will be offered where possible within the school holidays. In the event that a make-up class cannot be arranged, a credit will be placed on the student’s account which will be carried forward to the new term. Credits are valid for six months. During this six months they may be used for Tiny Tutus Boutique purchases or Tiny Tutus term fees (this is non-refundable). Once this six month period has lapsed the credit will be unusable and unable to be refunded.
*It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the mobile number on file is up to date.

Is it compulsory for my ballerina to participate in the recital at the end of the year?

Tiny Tutus end of year concert is included in your Membership and we love seeing all our wonderful ballerinas and princes twirling up on the big stage. Our Recital is a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to see what their ballerinas have been learning with Tiny Tutus. Our Tiny Tutus Recital is a lovely performance opportunity for beautiful little dancers who are just at the very beginning of their dancing ‘career’. It’s a lovely, stress-free chance to put on a beautiful costume tutu and dance on a magical stage in front of family and friends.

For more information please see our Recital Page.

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