Unique Curriculum

We are extraordinarily proud of our unique early childhood curriculum.

Honestly you won’t find a program like Tiny Tutus anywhere in the world.

Written by the incredible Bronwyn Helmore RAD trained, Australian Ballet Company dancer and by renowned early childhood teacher Simone Cadell, Tiny Tutus is a perfectly balanced curriculum that sees ballerinas thrive.

But don’t just take our word for it, Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet has been endorsed by educational leader, Debbie Bradbery

“The Tiny Tutus Teacher Training program and Curriculum follow planning guidelines utilising the Quality Teaching Framework, (NSW, DoE, 2003) as endorsed by Australian Teacher Training Institutions and the NSW DoE, with the use of such elements as engagement, knowledge integration, background knowledge, social support and metalanguage (where the use of the correct terminology for ballet terms etc has been used) which support the quality of all lessons. Teacher education in all its forms stresses the importance of preparation and communication and it is most encouraging to see that the Tiny Tutus program has such a strong focus on planning, preparation and open and clear communication so that the teachers feel ready and confident to teach and caregivers are always involved. The Tiny Tutus ballet program demonstrates a deep understanding of the value of aligning a teaching program with the skills and abilities of the individual participants utilising and Early Childhood rationale while always focusing on fun and play.”

Debbie Bradbery
Conjoint Lecturer in Education
University of Newcastle, NSW. Australia
Global Education Research and Teaching Team: