Studio Principal

Simone Caddell

Simone is the creative voice behind Tiny Tutus.

"I’m Simone, the founder of Tiny Tutus. Tiny Tutus is Australia’s longest established, specialist preschool ballet studio and I’m committed to making your experience with us a beautiful part of your ballerina’s childhood."

About Simone

I started my first dance school, which still operates today, when I was 16 years old. As the years went on and I became a mummy myself, I knew I wanted to bring my passion for Early Childhood Education and my love of dance together… and Tiny Tutus was born.

I want you to know that every single class is open to our families. Tiny Tutus never teaches behind closed doors.

About Tiny Tutus

When I started Tiny Tutus, open classes were unheard of in dance and today we are still the only ballet studio in Australia with a total open class policy. We love parents, grandparents, carers, coming and sharing the magic with their little ballerina. There’s no secrets, just a shared loved of little ballerinas, families and precious moments.

Our open classes came from two places. My first class lessons were very strict and very traditional. Parents were absolutely not allowed to watch. I remember searching for my mother as class was coming to the end and parents were trying to sneak a peek through the tiny window in the door and how much I loved it when I saw her eyes as I was dancing. Dancing for some reason was so much better when I saw her watching and saw how proud she was of me. This is part of why I wanted our classes to be open – for the child in me.

As A Mum

I cherished being able to share Early Childhood classes with my boys. I loved watching as they gained confidence each week and I couldn’t imagine asking our families to miss out on that by waiting outside. Tiny Tutus families can be there to watch every precious moment.

As a qualified early childhood educator and dancer

I am passionate about our classes and our incredible curriculum. Our curriculum has been written with Bronwyn Helmore who is classically trained through the Royal Academy of Dance and performed with the Australian Ballet.

You’ll see the mix of early childhood philosophy and traditional ballet in our Tiny Tutus classes which I am absolutely committed to. I believe that little ballerinas can learn the correct terminology and can be exposed proper technique through a developmentally appropriate program. Tiny Tutus curriculum has quality foundations, which is why Tiny Tutus ballerinas are always complimented and are ahead of the rest when they transition to school-aged classes.