Ballet Shoes


Ballet shoes are the perfect design for our little ballerinas. Ballet Shoes are made from beautiful soft and durable high-grade leather with a suede full sole. Our Ballet shoes come fitted with an elastic over foot strap and are finished with an elastic drawstring for a comfortable slipper like fit. Our ballet shoes are ‘ballet class’ ready for every twirl and arabesque.

Ballet Shoes have a long wearing water resistant full suede outsole and feature a premium soft heavy cotton lining and suede innersole.


  • Soft Full Leather Upper
  • Full Suede Outer Sole
  • Internal full suede sole
  • Cotton internal lining and finishing
  • Adjustable drawstring for the perfect fit
  • Attached elastic over foot strap


  • Spot clean with a dampen soft cloth with water. Dab or rub the spot gently to remove.
  • Indoor use only recommended.

Care Tips:

  • We have found baby wipes can also assist in removing more stubborn scuff marks – but please spot test on a small patch of leather first to ensure your baby wipe does not remove the colour or stain.
  • More stubborn scuff can be removed using a soft toothbrush and wiping with a damp soft cloth.
Shipping from $10 based on state & weight

• NSW: $10 up to 5 kgs, $40 for 5-10 kgs, $60 for 10-20 kgs

• ACT, QLD, VIC: $10 up to 5 kgs, $50 for 5-10 kgs, $80 for 10-20 kgs

• NT, SA, TAS, WA: $15 up to 5kgs, $80 for 5-10 kgs, $150 for 10-20 kgs

Note: Recital Upgrade Packages will be sent with ballerina Tutus