Registration & Term Fees

2024 Membership Fee: $76 per ballerina. Your registration fee covers insurances and music licensing fees.

As a gift from us when you register you will also receive a FREE class tutu!

2024 Term Fee: $250 per term. Charged 2 weeks prior to the commencement of Term or pro-rata when joining us after the term has started.

2024 Recital Fee: $135 per ballerina. Charged in 2 instalments. This includes all rehearsal fees, your recital costume (that you get to keep!), and a video link of the recital recording.

We know our ballet families have a lot to juggle in life, and have done our best to make your time with Tiny Tutus simple and easy! When your child becomes a Tiny Tutus Member, membership is ongoing and automatically renews each year until you notify us that you want to opt out or your child “ages out” of our program in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Never worry about missing out or having to re-enrol, we will take care of it for you!

> Read our Terms & Conditions for fee details

**Please note that our ballet shoe sizing IS NOT THE SAME as regular shoe sizing.**

Please measure your ballerina's foot as instructed below and enter the size in the box above in millimetres.

- Measure from the very back of the heel to tip of the longest (not necessarily the big) toe. Please note that shoe sizing starts from 130mm (most 2 years olds start with this little one) xx This is best done while standing on a tape or ruler with your heel against a wall or door. Be sure to align the zero point of your tape correctly.
- Please measure both feet and use the larger of the 2 measurements (however, if there is a large difference between the feet some averaging may be required). It’s best to measure later in the day as foot size tends to increase throughout the day.

Please measure to the nearest millimetre and do not round your measurement - measure carefully using the exact technique described - a few mm may make a difference!

Alternatively, download our printable sizing chart to achieve the perfect fit! *When printing the chart please ensure the 'Page Sizing & Handling' option is set to 'Actual size'*

When measuring your ballerinas feet, please provide exact length of the foot and we will add 0.5-1cm to your measurement for comfort and growth room.

Tiny Tutus Foot Sizing Chart