Choosing a dance school or teacher for your child can be overwhelming.

There are hundreds of studios and classes to choose from. How do you know you’re choosing the RIGHT one for your child and for you as a parent?

Did you know that most preschool dance schools have a ‘closed-door policy’. This means that after the first trial or even for that first trial dance lesson, the parent or guardian is not allowed to be in the room with their child. Ever wondered what they’re hiding?

Unlike early childhood centres, dance schools are largely unregulated.

Your child’s dance teacher has a lot of unregulated power and authority over what is going on behind those closed doors – even if there is a viewing window or screen with real time footage in the waiting room.

A dance school with a complete open door policy should be the bare minimum you are looking for when choosing a dance school for your child.

Early Childhood Best Practice is a dance school that has completely open classes where parents can be in the room supporting and encouraging. Parents and dance schools should always be able to work together to ensure your child is getting the very best experience. This simply isn’t possible if a dance school hides behind the ‘parents outside’ philosophy.

Some dance schools might have a window or even live video footage on a screen out in the waiting room for parents to watch what is going on. Many dance schools and studios are without such facilities and if seeing your child in their lesson is important to you then this might be a contributing factor when you start looking into which dance school is best for your child.

It is your job as a parent to ensure that you have chosen a dance teacher and dance studio whose qualifications, approach, authority, skill and knowledge of dance and teaching are all things you are informed and confident about.

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January 11, 2021