Daddy Daughter Dance Rehearsal Dates

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These include dates for Face to face classes, stage rehearsal and recital dates. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Discover what the Daddy Daughter Dance is all about in our short video. A true ‘Making Memories Moment’.


Daddy Daughter Dance rehearsal dates

Enrolment Instructions

Daddy Daughter classes will be booked through your parent portal

To log into your parent portal the user name is usually your email address. If you have forgotten your password, press the “forgot password button” to reset it yourself.

When booking into Daddy Daughter classes it will involve 3 steps:

1. Click on your profile button. (this is your name on the top left) Once on your profile page scroll down the page to sub accounts then click on “Add New”.

Create new contact – Here is where you add Dad and Ballerina's first names (eg Peter and Lily), then surname.

Click Submit when done.

2. Then please click on Dad and Ballerina's edit button then select edit contact detail. Enter Dad’s mobile number and Dad’s email. Please don’t just re-enter mum's details.

3. Next return to the portal dash board by clicking the pink Tiny Tutus button on the top right. Click the Register NOW button and book into ONE Online session that suits you. Once selected choose Register More. Book into a face to face class. This class should ONLY be the DAY and LOCATION that your ballerina attends her Tiny Tutu classes each week.

Please note: The online session is compulsory and should occur BEFORE your 1st face to face lesson. Your Daddy Daughter participation will not be processed unless BOTH face to face and online classes have been selected.


Does it have to be a Dad?

No. Grandfathers, Uncles, Older brothers, or a family friend can substitute!

What if Dad can't make it to all the class practices?

It is absolutely encouraged to attend all four class rehearsals. Please block the rehearsal dates out in your diary. If you have questions please contact the office for a chat.

It’s important to practice at home (either with or without your ballerina).

What if my child doesn’t seem to want to do the dance even in practice classes?

A child’s response in class and on stage can be very different. The Daddy Daughter dance is an experience that will last a lifetime and spending time at rehearsal and working through tricky situations with your daughter is as significant as performing the actual dance. Talk to your class teacher or our Daddy Daughtev Dance Co-ordinator if you have questeions or concerns.

How does it work with Dads backstage?

Dads sit in the audience and watch the recital as usual. The Daddy Daughter Dance is usually the second last song. We will ask for the Dads* to come back stage during the performance. Dads* will all meet at the stage doors right before the performance and we will bring their daughters to them. Don’t worry – we walk through everything at stage rehearsal before recital. This is why attendance at stage rehearsal is compulsory.

Will Dad’s still be able to watch the show?

YES! We know this is what you are here for! The Daddy Daughter Dance is one of the last items, so dads can re-join their families in the audience for the finale.

Terms and Conditions

When you register yourself and your ballerina for Daddy Daughter Dance, the requirement is that you attend one compulsory Online Rehearsal plus two compulsory face to face rehearsals, as scheduled.

In addition to this, please be aware that the Stage Dress Rehearsal on stage orientation day is compulsory and cannot be missed under any circumstances as this is where stage placements occur.

Unfortunately, we are unable to alter the rehearsal schedule to accommodate individual travel plans, illness or holidays etc.

If you have back, knee or hip problems or other physical conditions that prohibit you from lifting your daughter or kneeling down, please check with your doctor prior to registering. Once you register for Daddy Daughter Dance, it is assumed that you are fit and able to participate.

We try not to change the rehearsal schedule, but this is “showbiz” and circumstances beyond our control sometimes cause schedule changes. If the schedule is adjusted we will endeavour to provide at least 24 hours notice. We will communicate with Daddy/Daughter participants via email. If you do not have email or if you never check your email, please prepare now for email communication.

At the Recital, Dads* will also be required to wear a dark coloured suit, a white shirt, and a tie.

Siblings will need their own participating adult to dance with on stage. Requests can be submitted for both ballerinas to have time to twirl with dad on stage if they desire. Call the office to discuss your options.

* At Tiny Tutus, we recognise love makes a family. Granddads, Uncles, Big Brothers, Cousins, Friends or Guardians are invited to perform if a ballerina’s father is absent or otherwise unable to perform.

By registering in the Daddy daughter dance, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions and therefore forfeit any paid fees if you do not comply.

Please understand that your commitment upon registration needs to be thoroughly considered as we DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS under any circumstances.