Tiny Tutus Ballet Bag


Our original and much-loved Tiny Tutus Tutu Bag is the classic luxury ballerina bag. Designed by Simone and exclusive to Tiny Tutus, our Tutu Bag is simply the perfect bag for every little ballerina.

Our Tutu bag is made from soft tutu pink satin with over the shoulder straps that feel luxurious against the skin and featuring three layers of tutu tulle with delicate satin edging on the top two layers. A zip sits inside the bodice allowing easy access to tutu treasures while keeping everything safe, Loving printed in silver is our Tiny Tutus logo on the front.


  • Shiny satin finish
  • 3 tutu layers edged with satin ribbon on top two
  • Over shoulder straps
  • Internal zipper
  • Tutu bodice design
  • Printed silver Tiny Tutus logo


  • Spot clean with a dampen soft cloth with water. Dab or rub the spot gently to remove.

 Care Tips:

  • We have found baby wipes can also assist in removing more stubborn scuff marks – but please spot test on a small patch of the bag first to ensure your baby wipe does not remove the colour or stain.
Shipping from $10 based on state & weight

• NSW: $10 up to 5 kgs, $40 for 5-10 kgs, $60 for 10-20 kgs

• ACT, QLD, VIC: $10 up to 5 kgs, $50 for 5-10 kgs, $80 for 10-20 kgs

• NT, SA, TAS, WA: $15 up to 5kgs, $80 for 5-10 kgs, $150 for 10-20 kgs

Note: Recital Upgrade Packages will be sent with ballerina Tutus