Tiny Tutus Gift Card


Can't quite make up your mind for that special gift!

Don't have to, our Tiny Tutu gift cards are the perfect way to show you care for someone without all the added pressure of getting the right present.

Now your special someone gets to choose from our range of stunning Collection dresses, Branded Tiny Tutu product or even Tiny Tutu preschool ballet classes.

***Please note, for gift cards to be transferable to ballet classes the full name, DOB and contact number for your little one will need to be provided***

Shipping from $10 based on state & weight

• NSW: $10 up to 5 kgs, $40 for 5-10 kgs, $60 for 10-20 kgs

• ACT, QLD, VIC: $10 up to 5 kgs, $50 for 5-10 kgs, $80 for 10-20 kgs

• NT, SA, TAS, WA: $15 up to 5kgs, $80 for 5-10 kgs, $150 for 10-20 kgs

Note: Recital Upgrade Packages will be sent with ballerina Tutus