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la fee
la fee
07:55 18 Feb 21
My daughter has absolutely loved being a part of this program! The teachers are so lovely & talented! The program is perfectly suited for the age group with lots of fun music & bubbles while also introducing proper ballet movements & terminology. My favourite part though would have to be that I get to stay & watch – something that is often not encouraged or allowed at other dance classes. It is so precious to be able to watch my daughter as she laughs & learns! Cannot recommend Tiny Tutus highly enough! read more
Liberty Parcell
Liberty Parcell
12:43 13 Jan 21
Tiny Tutus provides a nurturing learning environment for all aspiring ballerinas. In each class the foundations of classical ballet are explored through a high quality curriculum which encourages children to develop confidence, creativity, musicality and friendships all whilst meeting important developmental milestones. Parents are invited to sit in and watch every class, allowing them to experience the joys of dance together with their ballerina. I cannot recommend Tiny Tutus highly enough for their wonderful approach to ballet in early childhood.read more
Kimberlie Murphy
Kimberlie Murphy
00:41 06 Jan 21
Tiny Tutus is a wonderful environment to introduce your little one into the world of dance and ballet. With classes designed to suit your ballerinas age and interests it’s an opportunity not to be missed. The teachers are welcoming, friendly and care for your ballerina as if they were their own. The end of year recital is spectacular! with tutus, family and fun it could not be a more joyous occasion. It is absolutely fabulous to see the ballerinas grow confidence, make friendships and learn applicable life skills to prepare them for school. I would highly recommend trialing a class with your little one.read more
Kate N
Kate N
10:37 17 Dec 20
Love tiny tutus so much! Its so great that you can watch your little one in class rather than having to leave them at the door. So much thought has gone into the program and you can just see that the kids love every second of it. A lovely class for your little ballerina to join to make friends and grow in confidence. Highly recommend them!read more
Alicia Xie
Alicia Xie
01:26 15 Dec 20
My 3 years old joined on term 4 this year and she enjoyed a lot. Had her very first recital and specially thanks to Ms Mary who was patient, nice and professional. My daughter loves her. The communications with the office also efficient and prompt! The best part of the class is you can watch your little one Dance and give them a lot of support. This is especially important for the younger ones! All the other studios would not allow the parent to stay if the kid is in a 3Years + class. Would definitely recommend.read more
00:55 15 Dec 20
Tiny Tutus provides the perfect introduction to ballet for your little one. It is a program that not only nurtures and encourages ballet, but also promotes physical, social, emotional and cognitive development through its engaging and well developed curriculum.It’s fun and engaging and as a Tiny Tutus teacher I love that we welcome and open our arms to all little ones to experience the magic of dance and with small class sizes, it allows every little ballerina to receive that individual attention. It is not about being the best, but having fun and learning along the way, feeling special and creating beautiful friendships with other ballerinas. The best part is parents are invited to watch every class, so they can witness the magic of ballet, so many special moments and the development of their ballerina’s learning and confidence unfold each week.read more
Grace Fielding
Grace Fielding
00:12 14 Dec 20
Tiny Tutus is the most caring, positive and energetic ballet school around! Lots of locations which is great. A beautiful curriculum which teaches all the ballets steps in a fun way! Bubbles, pom poms, butterfly wings you name it they have it. Cute tutus for each ballerina to wear which is just adorable and PARENTS CAN WATCH! All classes are open so you can stay in and see your little one improve each week. Highly recommend!read more
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Magical Preschool Ballet Program

Classes for baby ballerinas as young as 16 months and for princesses up to 8 years of age!

Tiny Tutus is a beautiful, developmentally appropriate beginner ballet program that teaches the basic concepts of classical ballet, movement, music appreciation, rhythm and poise. Tiny Tutus builds self-confidence and self-esteem in young children and actively fosters a love of dance at the most magical time in a little dancers life.

Lessons at Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet Studio introduce important ballet basics as well as encouraging imagination and creative movement. Our lessons include gentle introductions to ballet feet and arm positions, as well as centre and cross floor exercises. Our Tiny Tutus ballerinas learn about moving in a routine and working together as a group. We also have a focus on self-expression and interpretation as our little dancers use different props (such as wands, ribbons, fairy wings) to dramatise different styles of music.

Nothing is more marvellous than watching your own Tiny Tutus ballerina dance!

5 reasons to choose Tiny Tutus for your ballerina

  1. Open Classes – you’ll never miss a step your ballerina takes as parents watch every lesson.
  2. Real ballet, unfolded magically and creatively through an inspired curriculum. We nurture correct technique, without the time-filling gimmicks. It’s pure, creative dance.
  3. She’ll adore her shimmering sparkles, velvet and tulle tutu. A quality class tutu is our gift to your ballerina with her membership.
  4.  Tiny Tutus is built on the belief that every little person has something beautiful to offer. Dance encourages confidence. Confidence inspires dreams. Dreams can change the world …
  5. This is more than a ballet school. It’s a starting place for children, parents and teachers to nurture lasting, lifelong friendships, while we celebrate our steps together.
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Watch every class, celebrate every precious moment

There are no closed doors at Tiny Tutus!

Watch every class, celebrate every precious moment.

Our ballerinas love having parents in class to watch, and we love partnering with parents in this way.

Together, we offer our ballerinas a warm, supportive space from which to fall in love with dance.

Enrol today!

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