Tiny Tutus Princes

Tiny Tutus Princes

Boys love Ballet too – and Tiny Tutus loves the little princes who join our program. Ballet is for everyone.

Emma Wiggle and Angelina Ballerina inspire young boys just as much as our ballerina princesses to be fascinated with the art of ballet. Our Tiny Tutus curriculum perfectly balances elements such as core strength and neuro-integration with posture, balance and athleticism making our classes a wonderful experience for boys and girls alike.

The Tiny Tutus curriculum is active, engaging and fun, allowing for individual expression and the appreciation of musicality and timing. Play like a pirate, feel like a king, take off like a rocket, gallop like a unicorn or simply get swept away in the music. Music and movement are gifts that should be shared with all children.

Incredibly, ballet and dance work brilliantly together with sport. Tiny Tutus classes enhance critical elements for the successful participation in any sport including the development of discipline, co-ordination, timing and spatial awareness.

Author Rachael MacFarlane who has given voice to animated characters such as Disney’s Sofia the First has written the most amazing book called Harrison Dwight Ballerina and Knight. 

This simply adorable picture book has a wonderful and empowering message that is perfect for all boys.

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Structured Lessons

Lessons introduce ballet steps and develop beginning ballet technique with fundamental movements. Our Tiny Tutus ballerinas love listening to and learning basic ballet vocabulary and they love showing parents how they “plie” and “tendu” with wonderful enthusiasm! Lessons are well paced and keep our ballerinas engrossed from start to finish.

Teachers use a delightful mix of well-known popular music as well as the traditional classical music that our little ballerinas learn to know and love.

Open Classes

Best of all – Tiny Tutus has OPEN classes which means you are welcome to stay in the studio and watch your little ballerina as she twirls!

We don’t hide our classes and teachers behind closed doors – we love sharing our program with parents as much as we love our ballerinas!

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