5 - 8 Years

Tiny Tutus Elementary

5 - 8 Years

Tiny Tutus Elementary

welcome to tutu elementary

We are so excited to share with you our brand-new curriculum for ballerinas at big school aged 5 – 8 years called Tutu Elementary.

For years, our families have been asking for a school aged program so their ballerinas can continue with Tiny Tutus as they transition to big school. We are beyond thrilled to be introducing Tutu Elementary in 2021.

If your ballerina is starting big school next year, our brilliant new Tutu Elementary curriculum will be the class your ballerina can graduate to. These classes are held on Saturday mornings at locations close to you with a Tiny Tutus Teacher you know and adore.

When the world is changing for our little ones as they leave child care or preschool and move to kindergarten or prep, it really is incredibly valuable to have a constant in their life that doesn’t change – Tiny Tutus ♥

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Tutu Elementary Curriculum

Just because you’ve started big school doesn’t mean you’re ready to put aside the magic of Tiny Tutus, but it does mean you’re ready to graduate to a more ‘grown-up’ curriculum.

Tutu Elementary is design to empower our ballerinas and make them feel like they have truly achieved something special and only for ‘big school kids’.

Your Tutu Elementary class will start the same as Tiny Tutus with our fun and fabulous welcome dance!

Ballerinas will progress through a set of warm up exercises before starting their barre work.  One of the components of Tutu Elementary our ballerinas will love is learning ballet steps at the barre. This is a very traditional part of ballet and essential as we move to a more disciplined study of the craft.

Your ballerina will learn all correct French terminology as we develop fundamental ballet technique.

We’ve added a Jazz / HipHop section to our Tutu Elementary class to broaden our ballerina’s experience. Fun music, faster dance moves, lots of giggles and super Hip Hop and Jazz steps to really bring the dance magic alive!

The class will conclude with the traditional cool down and reverence.

Tutu Elementary Certificate

At the end of term 2, all Tutu Elementary Ballerinas will do a formal ‘presentation’.

Tutu Elementary is a certificate-based curriculum. During term 1 and 2 your ballerina will learn their Tutu Elementary grade components.

At the end of Term 2 we offer all ballerinas the opportunity to ‘present’ their skills as a class group (with their class teacher’s support as necessary). This acts in the stead of what would traditionally be considered a ballet exam. Ballerinas receive a completion certificate and medal to celebrate their achievement.

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