16 - 30 Months

Teeny Tiny Tutus

Dance with your little ballerina

Teeny Tiny Tutus is a special babies and toddlers ballet class for children from 16 – 30 months where grownups (be that a Mummy, Daddy, Grandparent or any other special grownup) actively participate with their ballerinas. Participating grownups need to be dressed comfortably to be able to dance  and move with their ballerina. Please wear suitable footwear, sport shoes are recommended. Grownups must be prepared to be hands on and encourage their ballerina to dance for the whole class.

Teeny Tiny Tutus provides an environment where ballerinas and their grownup beautifully share dance, songs, rhythms, movements, instruments and magical props. The program encourages parents and children to embrace these things in each class, based on the idea that children are naturally musical and rhythmic. Children are absorbing the music and rhythms at all ages in their own way and the informal structure of the class accommodates each child at their individual level. Classes are 30 minutes in length.

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Structured Lessons

Lessons introduce ballet steps and develop beginning ballet technique with fundamental movements. Our Tiny Tutus ballerinas love listening to and learning basic ballet vocabulary and they love showing parents how they “plie” and “tendu” with wonderful enthusiasm! Lessons are well paced and keep our ballerinas engrossed from start to finish.

Teachers use a delightful mix of well-known popular music as well as the traditional classical music that our little ballerinas learn to know and love.

Open Classes

Best of all – Tiny Tutus has OPEN classes which means you are welcome to stay in the studio and watch your little ballerina as she twirls!

We don’t hide our classes and teachers behind closed doors – we love sharing our program with parents as much as we love our ballerinas!

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Daddy Daughter Dance Enrolments Open Now! Limited Places!

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