Satin Ribbon Cross Over


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This is a limited edition item. Once sold they will be gone forever xo

Our Tiny Tutus Satin Crossover is a nod to the traditional style of ballet attire. 

Tiny Tutus Sating Crossover features a gorgeous satin ribbon that crosses over the body and ties at the back in a sweet bow. With long sleeves and the Tiny Tutus logo sparkling in silver glitter on the back, this classic ballerina accessory is a beautiful addition to your Tiny Tutus wardrobe.  

Match these with our Tiny Tutus Jacket and Tiny Tutus Class Tutu.


  • Comfortable, breathable cotton spandex
  • Pink Satin Ribbon
  • Cross over with button hole feature for a perfect fit
  • Silver glitter Tiny Tutus Logo on the back
  • Long Sleeve
  • Two colours available: tutu pink & berry pink


  • Hand wash in cold water. Line dry. Do not tumble dry.

 Please note these sizes are different to Tiny Tutus class items: 


Size 1 – usually suitable for our smallest ballerinas 12-18 months (approximately size 1 in regular clothes)

Size 2 - usually suitable size 2-3 years of age (approximately size 2 in regular clothes)

Size 3 - usually suitable size 3-4 years of age (approximately size 3 in regular clothes)

Size 4 - usually suitable size 4-5 years of age (approximately size 4 in regular clothes)

Size 5 - usually suitable size 5-6 years of age (approximately size 5 in regular clothes)

Size 6 - usually suitable size 6-7 years of age (approximately size 6 in regular clothes)

Size 7 - usually suitable size 7-8 years of age (approximately size 7 in regular clothes)

Size 8 - usually suitable size 8-9 years of age (approximately size 8 in regular clothes)