MDM Ballet Shoes


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Tiny Tutus is a leading developmentally appropriate beginner ballet program teaching the foundational concepts of classical ballet, movement, music appreciation, rhythm and poise. And as an industry leader, we value the importance of wearing correct, well-fitted footwear for dance.

Developing positive postural habits and a greater awareness of physicality from the earliest age is particularly important for children's growing feet, which don’t fully harden into bone for many years. Offering your child the best possible start in the most supportive ballet shoes available is part of Tiny Tutus social responsibility to you; our dance community.  

It's for this reason that Tiny Tutus are proud to partner with and highly recommend the MDM ELEMENTAL footwear for your children. They are the most supportive, protective, corrective footwear for dance available, assisting to develop improved kinesthetic awareness and an optimal alignment of the knee, ankle and foot.


Please note, ballet shoes are sized differently to standard shoes, therefore, please print and measure your child's feet against this chart.  The reference this sizing guide before selecting a shoe size to order.

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