Nurture Me

Our incredible new program Nurture Me is:

Developed by Early Childhood Specialists
Backed by Science and Research
Delivered with love

A divine experience for both grown-up and baby alike.

Beginnings Curriculum 6 Weeks to Crawling

For your baby, Nurture Me introduces our littlest ones to a world of wonder. Full of sensory delights and music, gentle movement and tender massage, tummy time and toys to explore, Nurture Me Beginnings curriculum builds on your natural bond with your baby as you share these precious moments

For you, we want Nurture Me to be your weekly sanctuary. We not only focus on the little ones, we take the time to see you – a new mum experiencing so many life changing moments all at once. You’re not forgotten! We want to empower you to feel confident in motherhood and nurtured and connected to the new world you find yourself in. You’ll find a beautiful circle of other mums, loving their babies and finding their way in parenting just like you! Exhausted or excited, drained or energised, confident or questioning, Nurture Me is your place too!

Adventures Crawling to 12 months

With our babies on the move, the world is opening! Our Adventure Curriculum builds on Beginnings and is the perfect blend of stimulating fun for brain development laying the foundations for learning, and beautiful moments shared together with you through dance, play and massage.

TipToes 12 Months to Twirling (16 months)

There’s always magic happening in our Nurture Me TipToes classes! The next phase in our curriculum TipToes is a super exciting class of exploration and experimentation. Full of movement, dance, music, props and instruments, With you close by to guide and encourage our TipToes curriculum helps our little ones try new activities as they build the essential foundational skills for life long learning. With opportunities for body awareness and self-control, socialising and communication, TipToes is a class that will have you both smiling each week.

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