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Trial Class

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To book your ballerina into a trial class please complete the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours (during business hours) with more details and confirmation of your trial class.

Come along and see why over 42,000 ballerinas have embraced our early childhood appropriate curriculum.

As we know it can be sometimes tricky to judge how your ballerina will go after only visiting for one trial class we offer our families a 2-Class Guarantee as part of your Membership. Experience has taught us that some tiny ballerinas are understandably shy or unsure during their first trial session. By the end of their second class, they tend to be far more comfortable, and are almost always twirling and whirling magically with their Tiny Tutus friends. So, when you register your ballerina, you receive our Tutu Two Class Guarantee. This gives you the security of a confirmed place in class at your preferred Studio, and allows us to send your ballerina’s class tutu to your home address. She will also receive her Term Ballerina Reward Card from Week 1 of classes. It also means that in the unlikely event that your little girl really is unhappy after two classes, we can offer you a full refund, minus the $20 administration fee. It’s the perfect way to give you security of a confirmed place, without worrying about the risk that she might not enjoy it!

If you do wish to go ahead with booking a trial class without registration, please understand this does not secure your ballerina’s position in the class. This can only be done by processing a membership and making payment. We do this because our classes are so popular, and we know how disappointed budding ballerinas can be if they miss out on a place. If the class you book your trial for reaches capacity your trial booking will be cancelled and will be rescheduled at another Tiny Tutus Studio location.

Please refer to the link below to view our timetables (please note, trial classes cannot be booked into classes already marked as “Full”).

**Before submitting your Trial request please ensure you have viewed Tiny Tutus Fees and Registration outlining our 2021 registration fee, term and recital fees.**

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