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Join Our Program

enroling now for TERM 2 2021!

Registration for Term 2 is now open and we are ready to welcome your ballerina!

When your child has decided to dance, they must dance! Our doors and hearts are always open to new students and there’s no better time to join. 

Watch every class, celebrate every precious moment. Our ballerinas love having parents in class to watch, and we love partnering with parents in this way. Together, we offer our ballerinas a warm, supportive space from which to fall in love with dance.


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Our Doors Are Always Open

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Lessons at Tiny Tutus Preschool Ballet Studio introduce important ballet basics as well as encouraging imagination and creative movement. Our lessons include gentle introductions to ballet feet and arm positions, as well as centre and cross floor exercises. Our Tiny Tutus ballerinas learn about moving in a routine and working together as a group. We also have a focus on self-expression and interpretation as our little dancers use different props (such as wands, ribbons, fairy wings) to dramatise different styles of music.

Nothing is more marvellous than watching your own Tiny Tutus ballerina dance!